“Norway in a Nutshell” is a famous itinerary/tour that goes through one of the most beautiful parts of this country.

Unlike you may think, this is not a formal tour. Instead, it is a series of transportation methods that take you through fjords, mountains, and the 2 most important cities in Norway

You could go from Oslo to Bergen, from Bergen to Oslo, or even do a roundtrip leaving and coming back to the same city.

You could book the whole tour online with companies like:

They will give you the tickets for all the segments of your trip: Train, bus, and fjord cruise.

You can also book everything on your own, save some dollars, and adapt the schedules to your plans.

For instance, we were in Bergen and did the tour leaving that city and coming back the same day, on January 1st.

We had 2 options:

  1. Leaving Bergen by train to Myrdal and return via Voss after doing the Flåm train and the fjord cruise.
  2. Leaving Bergen by train to Voss, then doing the fjord cruise first and the Flåm train second.

We picked the second option as it was winter and we wanted to see the fjords during daylight. If we picked the first option, we would have seen the fjords during the day, only for a portion of our trip, as the boat leaves almost at sunset.


Our itinerary

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